Jubilee Schedule in 2018

Throughout 2018 the 150-year jubilee of the Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands will be celebrated. The following festive activities are scheduled:


24 August through 24 November

Exhibition and Documentary Film

30 + 31 August

KVNM/STIMU Symposium

19 through 24 November

Festival Week 19-24 November

19 November

Official opening of the Festival Week, with:
Presentation of Muziek in de Republiek by Rudolf Rasch
Presentation of a jubilee issue of the TVNM journal
Reconstruction of the Concert in 1878

20 November

Concert Utrecht Kamerkoor

21 November

Concert VENUS chamber choir

22 + 23 November

Concerts Utrecht String Quartet

22 through 24 November

KVNM Symposium